The No.1 Survival Guide for Students in Liverpool

The No.1 Survival Guide for Students in Liverpool

The No.1 Survival Guide for Students in Liverpool

The time is drawing near when Liverpool will be flooded with eager young people excitedly embracing a journey into their adult learning life and the city is waiting with open arms.

For a student in Liverpool, the possibilities for fun are endless and even though essentially you are here to get an education there’s no harm in expanding your life experience at the same time.

That’s why we’ve cobbled together a go to survival guide for students in Liverpool, to make sure you get the best out of the best years of your life.

Culture on your doorstep 

Alright so we know it’s not at the top of your list of priorities but not to take advantage of the amazing cultural venues dotted around Liverpool would be a crime.

The Bluecoat, The World Museum, TATE Liverpool, OPEN Eye gallery all offer an insight into the past and present through art, exhibitions, workshops and performances.

Most people who live and work in or around Liverpool are guilty of not sampling the amazing cultural hotspots in the city.

Don’t let that be you.

 The Nightlife duh! 

Now onto the good stuff!

Where would any student be without knowing the top bars to visit throughout the week?

Here’s our list of where you must be Monday through Sunday if you can hack it;


Where: The Raz

Why: Mainly because what happens in The Raz stays in The Raz.

There’s an endless soundtrack of the cheesiest tunes and Fat Frogs . . . need we say more.


Where: Juicy at Shipping Forecast

Why: White socks and Reebok classics are the in style and tunes are of the RnB/Hip-Hop variety.

Bring your Tuesday twerk with you to a Juicy club night at Shipping Forecast.


Where: Slaters

Why: Quad Vodz . . . that’s it.


Where: The Pilgrim

Why: Where you go when you don’t know where to go.

Bonus! £1 bottled beers and a well-stocked jukebox.


Where: Medication at Arts Club

source: Medication

Why: Insane music, lazers for days and plenty of like-minded young individuals all out to have the time of their lives together under one roof.

From the 22nd September.


Where: Liquidation

Why: Liverpool’s longest running indie night for over twenty years, Liquidation is a celebration of the coolest cult music of a generation.

Cheap bevvies too!


Where: Baltic Market

Why: Because you’re hungry, you’re tired and all you want to do is go to foodie heaven and chill with your mates.

Be there or be square!

 Cheap Food 

We know that Jamie Oliver tells us we can feed families with a £5 but who is he kidding!

The cash of a student doesn’t stretch past the weekend but still, sustenance is required to keep you alive and ready for the next weekend and all those lectures in between.

For a start stock up on Koka noodles at Home and Bargain and grab yourself a large bottle of Siracha for those days when you’re not leaving the halls.

For every other meal, you can eat out at the following reputable yet affordable establishments.

Nabzys – a medically proven hangover prevention for any student on route home after a night out in Liverpool and the only food that’s acceptable to eat after 2 am.

American Pizza Slice – if you feel like treating yourself get an entire meal in one mouth-watering slice, choose from veggie friendly Halloumi or a good old meaty American hot to satisfy your hunger pangs.

Mulholland – Seel Street’s latest Hollywood themed venue is the perfect hangout for students and their student offer of pizza and a beer for just £5 gives you an excuse to go there every night.

Slims Pork Chop Express – the trendiest eatery in Liverpool is perfect for a full-on Chinese Banquet of exquisite eastern delights and what you don’t eat take home in a doggy bag and have as a cold snack later!


 Where to wind down 

Sometimes you just need to chill, lay back and let the world wash over you.

Being in such an active and dynamic city this can be hard as it always seems there something fun to do or get involved in.

We’ve got some ideas here for how to unwind, de-stress and recover from those week-long parties and endless lectures.

 Sefton Park 

A suburban paradise on the outskirts of the city where all manner of student woes can be cured.

When the sun is shining it’s practically law to bring along a disposable BBQ and a few bevvies.

Sefton Park Palm house hosts weekly Yoga sessions if you need a good stretch or arts and crafts days where you can make some cheap gifts for the family.

Or you can simply pick a spot under a tree lay back and watch the world go by around you.

Ah, Sefton Park . . .

 Gym LJMU 

Yes, some people can unwind in the gym.

There’s something about slapping on your headphones and disappearing into your own sweaty bubble that helps you reorganise your thoughts and feel delightfully refreshed at the end.

Bonus you’ll have worked off the Nazby’s from the night before at least.

 Window shopping and people watching 

Even though you’re probably skint there’s nothing quite like a bit of pretend retail therapy.

Liverpool has an amazing array of shops that you can simply stroll past and enjoy the view.

Use the time to search out that perfect piece for the next big night on the town. Intersected with a nice cup of coffee and some people watching and you have yourself a relaxing day out in Liverpool.

 Sugar and Dice 

The No.1 Survival Guide for Students in Liverpool

source: Sugar and Dice – Facebook

Get some friends together and have yourself a board game marathon day at Sugar and Dice.

There’s been scientific proof that board games are good for the mind and soul, despite the memories of all-out family brawls on Monopoly night when you were younger.

At Sugar and Dice, there are over 400 board games, and the owner is an accredited baker so there are plenty of tasty home-baked treats on hand whilst you game.

The chilled out, laid back atmosphere is complemented by great food, friendly staff and locally sourced coffee and beers.

We’ll see you there.

 Café Tabac  

If you’ve exhausted the Netflix catalogue or simply can’t decide what to watch on a Monday night make your way to Café Tabac where they’ve done the hard work for you.

In the depths of the quaint Bold Street café, there’s an intimate cinema room that puts on classic movies that you didn’t even know you wanted to see again.

Together with great cocktails and a delightful menu of nibbles Café Tabac is the ideal wind-down place on a Monday night.

 Central Library 

Let’s not forget you are a student and you are here to learn . . . right?

Pay a visit to Central Library gather your material and find a comfy corner then simply enjoy the peace and quiet inside one of Liverpool’s most magnificent architectural marvels.

On a sunny day, you can even set up camp on the roof and enjoy stunning city skyline views whilst you work/sunbathe.

 Hair of the dog in Hope and Anchor 

If you are simply feeling a little worse for wear and can’t quite get motivated for the day ahead pop into the Hope and Anchor for a swift one and perk yourself right up.

Take a break from the library over the road and put your feet up with a pint and a 25p chicken wing or two.

 Beauty treatments 

There’s a certain style that people conjure up when the word student is mentioned, in Liverpool though you must fight against that stereotype.

Always look your best by visiting one of these superb salons that help students stay at the top of the styling game whilst keeping their prices low.


The No.1 Survival Guide for Students in Liverpool

source: Voodou Facebook

The talented stylists at Voodou know how important it is to look good in Liverpool. You want to keep up with all those fabulous fashion-forward individuals that stalk the city day and night not a hair out of place.

Voted the best-loved student salon in Liverpool they look after you with 20% off haircuts, colours and makeovers.

 Andrew Collinge and Herbert’s 

Both of these reputable hair care specialists in Liverpool have student stylists training with them.

On Bold street, the college is open to the public to come in and have their hairstyle created by someone learning their trade.

Herbert’s is one of Liverpool’s leading hair and beauty salons that offer their clients a top-level service.

Their trainees are given the knowledge and tools of the trade and can chop and style your locks for a fraction of the average price.

Even though these talented individuals haven’t quite earned their stripes yet they are under supervision from those that have.

Have no fear.

 Peaches and Cream 

If it’s a super special occasion then there’s only one place in Liverpool to get your makeup done that’s of a high standard and an affordable price.

The artists at Peaches and Cream are gifted at bringing out your inner beauty and turning into the best version of yourself you can be.

What’s more, the girls have so much fun at their jobs and the salon is like a social haven in itself, plus you can buy the products they use and even take a lesson in how to perfect your own look when you’re a little shy of cash.

 Est. 22

The No.1 Survival Guide for Students in Liverpool

source: Est.22 Facebook

For you guys get your barnet styled in a barbers with a bar, live music and general late night shenanigans.

Est. 22 is the perfect place to chop your mop and enjoy the rest of the evening in stylish company.

What more could a guy want from a trip to the barber?

 Morgan’s Spa 

Located in the sub level of Liverpool hotel 30 James Street, Morgan’s Spa is a tranquil hideaway from the hubbub of the busy city.

You can enter this serene space and recline on the chaise lounge, breathing in soothing scents of massage oils then take a dip in the hydrotherapy pool or simply chill in the sauna.

No need to book treatments but if you’re feeling flush you can of course splurge on a list of superb spa and beauty treatments.

When in Rome.

And there you have it the perfect survival guide for students in Liverpool giving you the inside scoop on where it’s happening, where you can save some money and more importantly where you can have a damn good time.

Check out a few things you’ll learn whilst being a student in Liverpool.

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