Global Scouse Day: How and Where Will You Eat Yours?

Global Scouse Day: How and Where Will You Eat Yours?

Global Scouse Day: How and Where Will You Eat Yours?

People who grew up in Liverpool know all too well the smell of delicious scouse wafting through the kitchen door at tea time.

For some, it is a time-honoured tradition with some secret recipes getting passed down from generation to generation.

For Global Scouse day, this year, get involved by making up your own batch of this delightful traditional dish or choose an amazing Liverpool restaurant dishing up their own bowlfuls of instead.

The History of Scouse

Scouse - Global Scouse Day

This simple stew that has taken Liverpool, and the world by storm, starting out life on sailing ships of old.

Sailors would mix together chunks of lamb or beef with lumps of veggies in a salty stock broth making hearty meals that would fill up any hardworking seaman. A great way to keep those essential dietary staples in place during long sea voyages.

Scouse made its way to shore through the busy seaports of Liverpool and was then adopted as our cities signature dish.

Simple to make but impossible to master, Scouse is now a household favourite across the city of Liverpool.

How do you eat yours?

The eternal question when it comes to Scouse is;

Red cabbage or sliced beetroot?

Global Scouse Day debate

Otherwise, the integral ingredients tend to remain the same.

On Global Scouse Day, this year almost every Liverpool restaurant will be offering up their own spectacular variations of Liverpool’s most traditional dish.

Where will you eat yours?

Usually, a question that is simple to answer. You either have the most talented Scouse cook on in your very own kitchen or you need to go out in search of the delicious dish in Liverpool restaurants.

Trust us you will not be short of choice this year.

Head to either of the Ma’s for Global Scouse Day and you will not be disappointed. Both Ma Egerton’s Stage Door and Ma Boyle’s Alehouse and Eatery have an amazing offer on 2-4-1 bowls of Scouse all day.

Thomas Rigby’s will be dishing up huge bowls of what they are labelling “proper Scouse” with a giant crusty role and those long-debated toppings.

Thomas Rigby's - Global Scouse Day

For a bit of posh choose, London Carriage works for your Global Scouse Day dining. Somehow they have managed to make the humble ingredients of classic Scouse look like a work of pure art.

It’s looking like Indian Street food eatery Mowgli will not be shying away from Global Scouse Day. Providing their own take on the classic Scouse dish with a spicy twist. Serving an Indian version that will be served with naan bread instead of a crusty roll and pickled red cabbage or sweet beetroot.

Enjoy your Scouse like the pirates used to at Smugglers Cove on Albert Dock. Dining on the water’s edge from rustic bowls surrounded by seafaring memorabilia will truly give Smugglers Cove’s Scouse offering a realistic edge.

If you thought Global Scouse Day dishes were topped by Mowgli’s Indian inspired ingenious above then you were wrong. Enter Miyagi’s Japanese street food style Scouse spring rolls. These heavenly bite-size treats wrapped in the finest filo pastry will be stuffed full of the dish of the day and deep fired. A winning way to combine Scouse with traditional Japanese soul food.

But what could be more amazing on Global Scouse Day than Maray serving up bowls of heart-warming Scouse to those that need it? Maray has teamed up with the Whitechapel centre and arranged to provide bowlfuls of Liverpool’s signature dish to those in need between the hours of 12-4pm.

Global Scouse Day: How and Where Will You Eat Yours?

We are always amazed at the healing power of food and its ability to bring people together. Global Scouse Day helps us all celebrate a time honoured traditional dish together.

Get ready for the Scouse Off

At 60 Hope Street’s Scouse Off visitors can expect to see and taste a variety of Scouse delicacies. Watch as the signature dish of Liverpool is brought to the mouths of the 21st century.

With over 100 of Liverpool’s finest restaurants taking place, there are sure to be some gastronomic wonders to feast upon.

We cannot wait to see how Santa Maluco will pair the classic Scouse dish with one of their amazing pizzas. The Brazilian restaurant, famous for their unusual ingredient combinations, will be taking Scouse to a whole new level at 60 Hope Street’s Scouse Off.

Luche Libre’s union of the traditional Mexican taco and our beloved Scouse is sure to be one for the books. Liverpool’s favourite Mexican restaurant are known for creating the most delicious classic Mexican dishes. On Global Scouse Day, Luche Libre are hoping to successfully blend two culinary favourites from opposite sides of the world into one tasty dish; The Scouse Taco.

From every Taco sold £1 will be making it’s way to Woodlands Hospice as if we needed any more encouragement to taste our very first Scouse flavoured Taco.

Bringing two of Britain’s staple dishes together under one delicious pastry lid is Cow. Their culinary wizardry will be bringing a mouth-watering Scouse pie to 60 Hope Street’s Scouse Off.  A dish we are hoping will stick around long after Global Scouse Day is over.

The genius of Free State Kitchen never fails to impress with their innovative and tantalising burger toppings. Of course, they wouldn’t let us down on Global Scouse Day, producing a towering Scouse Burger complete with one of those controversial toppings; the ruby red cabbage.

It’s a Scouse free for all and everyone’s invited to join in on Global Scouse Day. Either get creative in your own kitchen or make your way to any one of these amazing Liverpool restaurants and get involved.

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