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Best Independent Coffee Shops in Liverpool City Centre

Coffee Shops in Liverpool

Finding the very best morning coffee isn’t exactly easy – especially in a city as big as Liverpool – and if you’re looking for a totally independent place, skipping the Starbucks and Costa’s, your choices are narrowed even further.

Lucky for the java lovers all over Merseyside, there’s a bunch of cool, hip and absolutely quality cafes just waiting to provide you with a hot cup of steamy goodness. We’ve put together this handy guide to help find the perfect Liverpool coffee house for you, including some of our very favourite places to grab a cup of joe.

Here’s our collection of the very best independent coffee houses in Liverpool.

Wake and Cate

Wake and Cate don’t do half-measures, focusing strongly on the quality of the goods they offer, meaning that you know you’ll be getting a decent cup of coffee when you go with these guys. Their beans are all Fairtrade, which is always a bonus when trying to pick a place to get your caffeine fix, and they even offer a wide selection of loose leaf teas for anyone that way inclined.

Something slightly unique about their service is the Greek style-brunch, with menu listings like: Greek salad, feta and chorizo omelette, Greek pancakes and Cypriot (grilled meats). Of course, they also offer plenty of traditional breakfast options, but for punters looking to try something a little different with their morning coffee, Wake and Cate has them completely covered.

They also serve a proud range of patisserie items for the sweet toothed among you, which will no doubt be music to the ears for most coffee lovers. You’ll find these guys on 11-17 Tarelton Street, right in the heart of the city centre, not far from the Cavern Club.


This place has one of the best locations of any coffee house in the city, being right opposite Liverpool ONE shopping centre on one of the busiest streets around. This makes it: easy to find for new customers, a convenient place to make your regular coffee house, and most importantly a great people-watching space.

From a seat looking out of their windows, a coffee lover could simply lose themselves watching the world go by while sipping on a cup of the good stuff and polishing off a brie and bacon panini (sounds amazing, right?).

Speaking of food, Rococo has one of the coolest and widest selections of grub we think we’ve ever seen for a cafe. Lucky customers will have the chance to dive deep into the savoury options on offer at this cafe, including: toasted B.L.Ts, Wiltshire ham and egg sandwich, goat’s cheese and beetroot salad and many more.

You’ll find them at 61 Lord Street, up a flight of stairs on the first floor.


Set up in 2016 by Sarah, an avid coffee lover who’d always dreamt of owning a cafe, Lovelocks is a real underdog story. Born from a burning passion for hot drinks and cute decorations, you know that when you sit down for a drink in this cafe, your order will be made with care and love.

This place provides an inclusive and almost reclusive escape from the bustling city life in Liverpool, encouraging people of all levels of experience with coffee to join in the serenity of their out-of-the-way locations. This retreat is at 27 Old Haymarket Street, by the Travelodge, making it just a short walk from almost anywhere in the city centre.

We don’t know where to start with their food offerings: basically, almost anything brunch wise you can think of, this place can get you. Some of our favourite listings on their menu include: caramelised pecan porridge, pulled pork sandwich, vegan chilli and halloumi avocado and salsa.

Key Lime Coffee

This place is a classic old school cafe, located right in Liverpool’s St John’s shopping centre close to the old rustic markets. Online reviews regularly state that this coffee house doesn’t look like all that much from the outside, but once you’re in, it’s a charming and attentive place that you’re almost certain to be happy with.

They’re visible from Lime Street Station, making this one of the best locations on this whole list (which is saying a lot, given how pretty some of these buildings are), not just for looks but for convenience as well. Their placing makes Key Lime an ideal haunt for anyone who travels into the city via Lime Street – because you don’t want to have to walk a million miles to get that first cup of coffee every morning.

178 Market Way is their address, but you’ll probably find them if you just wander around the Lime Street side of St Johns for a little while.

92 Degrees

These guys do things slightly differently. See, 92 Degrees isn’t just a cafe, it’s a roastery as well. They make their own beans and sell them in-store, should you be the kind of coffee drinker that likes to take their grounds and do it themselves, which is just one of unique takes this place has on the cafe experience.

The folks at 92 Degrees seriously love, and want you to love, the whole coffee industry, proudly doing their own bits and bobs to help support the global coffee production industry and working to make it more sustainable.

They’ve been open since 2015 and claim to be Liverpool’s first cafe-roastery hybrid (who are we to argue?), meaning by now they’re a real staple of the Liverpool City Centre highstreet life. They’re actually currently boasting a few locations in the City (not quite a chain just yet), so you can head over to either: 24 Hardman Street, 36 Myrtle Street or 49 Jamaica Street to get your fix of truly authentic coffee.

Moose Coffee

Brits and Americans do plenty of things differently, but none have captured the minds of the general public more than yankee breakfasts. They do things properly across the pond, which is something you don’t need to tell Moose Coffee, as they’ve taken to specialising in American breakfast food right here in Liverpool.

Started in 2006, this place embraces the American breakfast culture with open arms, bringing a taste of New York deli snap to the streets of Liverpool. You’ll find all your favourite classic dishes here, but some of the weirder sounding (but also delicious) ones go like this: Moose apple and salted caramel pancakes, New Jersey Moose eggs with potato hash, and sweet French toast with brioche and egg.

It’ll definitely be something different for most of you, but an ideal place to grab a coffee and have sit down with some eclectic grub. Head down to 6 Dale Street to check these guys out.

Bold Street Coffee

“Coffee for everyone” is the message that appears when you load up the Bold Street Coffee website, a statement which opitomises the inclusivity of this welcoming independent venue. Food wise, they’ve got all the classics, and an impressive selection of sandwiches (katsu chicken or chickpea and avocado for example) along with the typical array of coffee and hot drinks.

Their down to earth indie take on breakfast keeps it simple but produces impressive dishes for the start of the day, because as we all know, it’s the most important meal. We can’t imagine anyone going to this place and not finding the perfect breakfast dish for them, and if you’re not particularly feeling a hot drink, there’s even a choice of iced coffee and cold beverages to suit everyone.

89 Bold Street is where you’ll need to head to investigate.

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