Watch a Movie at these Hidden Cinema Venues in Liverpool

Grand Central Dome - hidden cinema venues in Liverpool

Watch a Movie at these Hidden Cinema Venues in Liverpool

All films, new and old, current and classic, cult and mainstream, influence the way we dress, the music we listen to and even the places we travel. Now instead of screening those all-time favourite movies in your home, there are hidden cinema venues in Liverpool bringing the classics back to big screens, warehouse walls and theatre stages.

Here are a choice of the venues making movie nights in Liverpool a popular way to socialise outside of the nightclubs and cocktail bars of the city.

New Bird Street Warehouse

New Bird Street Warehouse - hidden cinema venues in Liverpool

Nestled in the creative hub of Liverpool’s Baltic Triangle, New Bird Street Warehouse is a venue that brings a list of exciting events to Liverpool’s visitors and residents alike.

From raves to circus nights, there’s nothing that hasn’t graced the interior of this cavernous venue.

On occasion, there has been a magical movie night hosted here. Sadly there’s no official screening schedule but this just makes every opportunity to watch a classic film projected on the warehouse walls, all the more special.

The most recent screening was a favourite among die-hard Tarantino fans, ‘Reservoir Dogs”, which saw the place packed with movie lovers of all ages.

Keep an eye out on social media for the next cinema night in Liverpool hosted at New Bird Street Warehouse.


FACT - hidden cinema venues in Liverpool
source: FACT Facebook

Tucked away in the popular nightlife area of the Ropewalks, FACT is an art gallery, museum, conference centre and cinema all wrapped up in one architecturally striking modern venue.

Showing a delightful mixture of current box office hits, foreign films, cult movies and retro classics, FACT is a hidden cinema venue in Liverpool that has something to satisfy everyone’s movie appetite.

Whilst visiting FACT you can enjoy a film, check out an art installation, join in an interactive workshop or enjoy a coffee and some cake in the atrium style cafe.

A cinema experience with an artistic difference can be enjoyed at FACT.

Liverpool Philharmonic

Liverpool Philharmonic - hidden cinema venues in Liverpool

For a truly memorable film experience try and get a ticket to see a movie screening at the Liverpool Philharmonic.

As far as hidden movie venues in Liverpool go the Philharmonic is one of the best.

The breathtaking twist at special screenings is that the film score and soundtrack will be provided by the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra.

Think of your favourite movie soundtrack and imagine it played back to you in the acoustic splendour of the Philharmonic Theatre. Add in the skill of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and you have every movie lovers ultimate movie experience.

Throughout the year there are special orchestral movie screenings as well as those from the current box office and seasonally relevant retro films.

A great excuse to visit the Philharmonic Hall and a chance to experience the majesty of movie music.

Café Tabac

Cafe Tabac - hidden cinema venues in Liverpool

On a smaller scale, Cafe Tabac at the top end of Bold Street is a hidden gem in Liverpool.

Quaint, dark and charmingly European, this small venue has a secret cinema that hosts weekly movie nights every Monday.

As well as creative cocktails and a delicious food menu Cafe Tabac regularly puts on fabulous film to perk a gloomy start to the week.

Popular choices include the good old gangster movies like Goodfellas and the GodFather to epic sweeping masterpieces like Cameron’s Titanic or Disney’s the Lion King.

To spice up an otherwise dull weeknight in Liverpool go along and see what’s on at Cafe Tabac.

Botanical Gin Garden

Botanical Gin Garden - hidden cinema venue in Liverpool
source: Botanical Gin Garden Facebook

Like watching a movie from the comfort of your own back garden, The Botanical Gin Garden movie nights are few and far between.

Usually coinciding with the unpredictable British summer, hence the rarity, the secluded urban garden hideaway will transform from a laid back drinking venue into a fabulous outdoor cinema space.

Park your bottom on a chair or bench made from reclaimed wood or an astroturf covered palette and you can enjoy nostalgic movie moments with a Gin in one hand and your dates and in the other.

Another hidden cinema venue in Liverpool with no formal screening schedule to speak of. Catch them while you can, these great old school movies shown in the Botanical Gin Garden.

Baltic Market Cult Cinema Night

Baltic Market - hidden cinema venues in Liverpool
source: Baltic Market Facebook

The latest addition to Liverpool’s social scene is Baltic Market.

A pioneering venue brought to us from Independent Liverpool, whose primary focus was to support Liverpool’s independent traders by giving them one place to sell their goods and raise awareness of their brand.

The clever part comes when what could be a simple indoor market becomes a popular social venue for residents and visitors to the city.

Introducing Baltic Market Cult Movie nights this month with classic movie fan favourite ‘The Big Lebowski’.

Movie nights at Baltic Market will include a pre-screening happy hour then a the listed film is shown with food on sale from Liverpool independents including a tasty delivered desert.

A new type of movie experience sure to become a favourite of Liverpool residents and visitors over the coming months.

The Dome Grand Central Hall

Grand Central Dome - hidden cinema venues in Liverpool
source; Liverpool Events Carpe Diem Facebook

An often overlooked landmark building of Liverpool is Grand Central Hall. Once a Methodist Church, now Liverpool’s home to the quirky alternative shops that used to reside in Quiggins.

Under the striking rooftop dome stand-up comedy, theatre performances have been regulars upon the stage of Grand Central Dome.

Another hidden cinema venue in Liverpool with an unpredictable screening schedule, the last one that quickly sold out was musical marvel ‘Grease’ on the 16th June.

Moviegoers gather under the ancient towering dome and sit in grand theatre style chairs spread across an upper balcony space and a lower stage facing floor.

There are plenty of places to catch new or old flicks and welcome alternatives to your living room or the vacuous spaces of modern cinemas.

Each of these hidden cinema venues in Liverpool has a unique charm and an intimate social atmosphere that just cannot be captured at your average local cinema.

These are venues that celebrate film in all its glory whatever the genre and no matter which starlet or movie star graces the screen. They use movies to bring like-minded people together for the love of the big screen.

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