Celebrating 50 Years Since Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club

Celebrating 50 Years Since Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club

For more than two weeks Liverpool will celebrate one of the best albums of all-time, bringing together world-renowned artists and Liverpool-based talent.

Liverpool is set to embark on a never before-seen celebration and is curating a unique festival which brings together world renowned artists and Liverpool based talent.

The city will host a mixture of large and intimate events that will take place from Thursday 25 May – Friday 16 June. This truly unique event will be a touchstone of British culture that incorporates art, music, dance and poetry as it brings the tracks from the album back to life.

The Lonely Heart Club had a powerful impact that transcended that one invigorating period, so that 50 years on they are still the most important Rock n Roll band of all time. The Summer of Love 1967 was a time to break free and to celebrate creativity.

On June 1 1967, The Beatles added their own voice to the musical mix, releasing Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club, a powerful album unlike anything anybody had heard before. They were the biggest rock band at the height of its influence and ambition. This loosely conceptual album was a celebration and a mockery on new psychedelic bands that had been emerging in that era.

Fearless and unified in their pursuit of magic and transcendence, The Beatles ditched the matching suits, world tours and assembly line record making and defined the opulent revolutionary optimism of psychedelia. The Lonely Hearts Club was released to the public on June 1 1967 as a confirmation that not only were The Beatles alive and well, but that they were at the forefront of pop innovation.

The thirteen colourful tracks were the pinnacle of The Beatles’ eight years as recording artists and had a powerful impact on that heady period. Sgt Pepper pushed creative boundaries and so will this carefully executed festival that brings high end art into the mainstream. It will be fascinating to witness the incredible and creative talent that we have here in Liverpool.

The 13 events that will take place over the course of the two weeks will be inspired by the 13 tracks on the album. It will be a mixture of free and ticketed events with lots of opportunities for the audience to join in.

5 Fun Facts About Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club

  1. The title came from aeroplane salt and pepper packets 

The Beatles were returning from a three month vacation in Kenya when McCartney was developing an alter ego for their next record. The idea stemmed from salt and pepper packets that were served with their meals. As they played around with words, they decided on Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club.

  1. It was influenced by The Beach Boys and Frank Zappa

McCartney repeatedly played the album Abbey Road during recording sessions as inspiration to write the Lonely Hearts Club. Unbeknownst, they were apart of an ouroboros as Wilson was inspired to write Pet Sounds after listening to The Beatles Rubber Soul.

  1. Adolf Hitler is hiding on the album cover 

Along with other historical figures, Lennon had asked for Jesus Christ and Adolf Hitler as they were controversial characters.

  1. ‘A day in the life’ can make dogs go mad!

It was Lennon’s idea to include the equivalent of a police dog whistle on the track, some believe the inclusion of the dog whistle is a subtle hint to the influence of The Pet Sounds.

  1. Ringo was bored all the way through making the album 

Ringo Starr was bored for the making of the album as he did not write any material and was waiting longer than ever to record the percussion overdubs, he learned how to play chess in the meantime.

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